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Feda Nitrogen, Inc. 

A division of Beijing Feda High-Tech Gas Co.,Ltd

Feda Nitrogen, Inc. is a division of Beijing Feda High-Tech Gas Co.,Ltd, one of the earliest companies engaged in the production of nitrogen generators by adopting pressure swing adsorption technology.  We have developed nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, nitrogen purification equipment, hydrogen purification equipment and air purification equipment and obtained six national patents for the past two decades. We have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CCS certification, MA Mark certification and GMP certification.

After the reconstruction in 2003, our parent company has registered as Beijing Feda High-Tech Gas Co.,Ltd. Chinese manufacturer has been flourishing with each passing day after restructuring.  Chinese sales value has kept increasing for 9 consecutive years.  Our market occupying rate is one of the largest among companies of the same type in an around China.

In 2007, Chinese manufacturer built the production base in the South of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and our base covers 6,000 square meters.  Chinese manufacturer can offer 800 sets of equipment per year. Our parent company has a group of vibrant and talented staff of high-quality, more than 70% of them have college degrees.  That is why we are able to develop new technology constantly.  We believe we can meet higher demands of the market.

Our Promise

  • Quality Guarantee For 12 months

  • On-time Delivery (High Quality, Correct Quantity)

  • Lifelong Supply of Equipment

  • Manufacturing Superiority

  • Offer Urgent Devices for Customers

  • Less than 24 hours Maintenance

  • Offer 24 Hours Technology Support


Our Advantages

  • Brand

  • Cooperation

  • Excellent Design

  • Manufacturing Superiority

  • Excellent Service

Contact Us

Please  Contact Us for any question or information. We will be happy to answer your questions.


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